Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cody's Visit!

Sorry I haven't blogged, but I feel like I was barely in my apartment when Cody was here, and this week has been lovely outside so I've spent a lot of time out of the apartment, and I've also had a lot of homework. So, here is the play by play of Cody's visit:

Thursday March 4th
Cody arrives! He got here while I was in class, so he took the bus to ESSCA, got my key, and then went back to my apartment (all with me only seeing him leave ESSCA through the window). After he picked me up from class, we came back to my apartment and made buffalo chicken wraps. So yummy! Also, it was my friend Claudia's birthday, so we went to her birthday party for a while.

Friday March 5th
I had class, and then afterword we went to the train station to change our tickets for Paris because my next Friday class was canceled. After that we got pizza to eat in the apartment, and after that we went out for a while.

Saturday March 6th
On Saturday we explored and walked around A LOT. We started off with shopping around the street market. There wasn't really anything good. We also got his bus pass, so he wouldn't have to pay to use the bus anymore. We walked alllll over Angers. We had lunch at my favorite Kebab place, and it was yummy of course. Then we went to the chocolate show. It was so neat!! We bought some drinking chocolate, which is basically thick hot chocolate. We didn't drink any of it while he was here though and he took it home. We also walked along the river a lot and looked at the flooding (it is completely down now though). There is a theater by the river, and we went to the roof to look at the view. After our day of walking, we took a trip to Carrefour to buy seafood.

Sunday March 7th
On this day, we tried to sleep in a little bit. Then the day was filled with making Paella! It was delicious, but not as good as the first batch in my opinion. Sunday night, we went to the movie theater and saw the movie Nine. It was okay... but really weird!

Monday March 8th
I didn't have class on Monday, so we went to the castle and cathedral in the morning, and then later went to this cute bakery that is close to school. I can't really remember what we did after that though! I know we went somewhere, but I can't remember where. Oh well!

Tuesday March 9th
I had French, so I went to that, and I really can't remember what we did on this day either! I do know that we made tortellini for dinner, like I always get at restaurants, and that was yummy. Then we walked Ashley to her dance class, but she couldn't find the building, so we went home. On the way back to the apartment, though, we bought some pistachio ice cream. Yum!

Wednesday March 10th
I had class until 12, so Cody met Ashley and I afterward. We took the bus to our favorite hamburger place, and that was so good! Those hamburgers are amazing! Then we went to Carrefour so we could buy the things needed for chicken fricassee! That is Cody's favorite food, so he decided to make it for me. :) I liked it, but he said it wasn't the best, so he'll have to make it again for me this summer. I also had to work on a French presentation that Ashley and I had to give on Thursday.

Thursday March 11th
Thursday before my class, Cody and I woke up early so we could go to the Jardin des Plantes. It was really pretty, but it will be even more gorgeous when everything is in bloom. We just had all of our leftovers for lunch. They really needed to get eaten! Then I went to my French class (where I gave my presentation) and left Cody at the apartment to do our laundry. Ha! Then he met us outside the class... surprising me with flowers!! :) I was one happy girl! :) Then we took a tour of the Cointreau distillery. That was neat. The rest of the night was basically spent getting ready for Paris in the morning.

Friday March 12th
We had to wake up at about 6 so we could catch our train at 8:09 am for Paris. We arrived in Paris at 9:40, got on the metro, and went to Dot's apartment. We left our luggage there, since we didn't think we'd be able to check in to our hotel yet. She showed us where the Louvre museum was, and that is where we started. After that we went to Notre Dame and Centre Pompidu. Then we checked in to our hotel, and went back to Dot's apartment to meet her after her class. We took our luggage back to the hotel while Dot went running, and I also changed out of my yucky travel clothes. We went back to Dot's apartment, where we hung out and met a couple of her friends.

Saturday March 13th
We decided to sleep in on Saturday, since we hadn't slept in at all during his stay. That got ruined though because of course there had to be a fire alarm at 8 in the morning! We got all bundled up (because it was freezing outside), went down the stairs, made it to the bottom floor, only to find out that something burned in the kitchen and we could go back up to our rooms. We had to make it all the way back up to the 6th floor. I think the only way I did it without stopping was because I was too tired to notice. Haha. After successfully sleeping in, we made our way back to the Louvre for lunch. It was soooo good! I had quiche Lorraine, and Cody had a panini. It was amazing! It was strange though because pigeons were in the shop. So so strange. Then we walked inside the tuleries (the gardens around the Louvre). At the end we saw the obelisk and where the guillotine was during the revolutionary war. Then we made our way to the Eiffel Tower! We had to wait in line for a really long time, but we made it to the top! After that we went back to the hotel (mainly so I could get a sweatshirt... it was so cold!), and then out to get food. We walked toward the Arc de Triomphe, and along the way we found a place to eat. First we went to the arc though so we could look at it. We also walked a ways down the Champs Elysee (unfortunately no shopping though). Then we turned around and ate at the cafe we found. It was so good, and it was nice to sit down at a real restaurant and have a real meal. I haven't really done that since being here. Then we went back to the tuleries, and watched the Eiffel Tower (we were trying to stay to watch it glitter, but it never did!)

March 14th
Of course we woke up 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave, but we made it! The metro we needed to get everywhere was of course closed, so we had to do all this ridiculous stuff to get around. We eventually got to the airport, and Cody left. :( His plane was at 12:25, and all was well. It was a VERY VERY sad day. I went to the train station, where I caught a train back to Angers at 1:16. Ashley and I went to a new pizza place for dinner, and it was yummy! I hadn't eaten all day because I was too sad and nervous.

Okay... that was a lot. I commend you if you actually read it all! Nothing too much has happened this week. Just lots of school work. I am very very excited for the weekend! Ashley and I are going in search of a castle on Saturday. Also, the weather has been absolutely amazing!!! I didn't even wear a jacket today. :) Just a cardigan.

Hope everyone had a GREAT St. Patty's Day! It isn't really celebrated here, which is completely different from Rolla! I will post pictures once I get them all from Cody. The majority are on his camera.


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