Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First day of orientation

Well, today was my first day at ESSCA! Fortunately, I woke up on time today! Also, catching the bus went smooth as well. I'll get a bus pass on Thursday so that I don't have to pay daily anymore. Orientation went well. I didn't meet that many people, but it was only the first day. There are only 7 students from the United States! Out of about 55 international students. WOW! I expecting more than that. It will be good though because everyone speaks English, though I've tried speaking French as much as possible. We had a welcome lunch, and I tried some crazy foods! I don't even know how to describe them in order to share them with you. Haha. I got completely done with orientation around 3, so Ashley and I came back to the apartment. Later I went to the bank and spoke to the manager of the apartment complex about getting my heater fixed. Someone will have to come in tomorrow because she couldn't fix it herself. Hopefully it will be fixed by the time I get home from school!! It will be nice to be on my computer without it freezing! I wish there were two Ethernet places in Ashley's room. At least it's warm in there! I also bought some orange juice today from the grocery store, so I can have some in the morning. :) That will be nice. I loved my croissant this morning! I might be going to bed soon. I need the sleep, I'm sure! Orientation is tomorrow at 10am. I still need to figure out what time to catch the bus, also. Hopefully it'll be easier to fall asleep at night as the time goes on.

So... I kind of realized that this is more of a diary than a blog. Oh well. :) Everyone will just be well informed of my daily whereabouts, which is perfectly fine.

Goodnight :)

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