Saturday, January 23, 2010

I blew up an adapter

Yes, what my title says is true. :( I blew up the adapter that I usually plug my computer into. It was a very sad morning! I also ended up blowing the breaker, so Ashley restarted it. I now also have to use the adapter Ashley uses for her blow dryer/flat iron until I can get a new one. So that will work fine for now. It is so expensive to buy them here!

After that, the day got much better. We went shopping! First we went to look for a new adapter, but it was way too expensive. We ate at pita burger... it was so good! I loved their French fries. Then... let the shopping begin! We walked SO MUCH today. Like.... seriously so much. I bought boots (don't worry... they were on sale, daddy!), a towel, and some silverware. I found a bag from Mims that I also might go back and buy. It was cute... but I want to make sure that it is "the" bag before I pay that much. Haha.

After a long day of shopping, we stopped by the apartment to grab our passports, and then headed to the English Language Library in Angers (ELLIA). It was so fun! I signed up for a membership, got 3 books, and the woman working even asked if I would like to volunteer at the library! That will be amazing. The only problem is that I have class this week during the children time. :( Hopefully I can go next week! That would be so much fun. I have always wanted to work in a library or book store! The picture is of me with my library card. I feel so special to have it!

Now I think we are going to get a pizza from Speed Rabbit Pizza, which is right down the street, and bring it home and watch a movie. We are planning a night this week to go out to dinner at this new cafe that just opened by us.

Oh, also I still do not have a heater.

I hope everyone has a good day!

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