Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not too much

Well, I don't have too much to report today! I paid my housing insurance, got my French bank account set up, and made it to both of my classes today! That last one was a BIG yay! I think I am going to love my European Retailing class! I dropped my international law class for it. After class (I went from 3-5), I went to the grocery store closer to my apartment to get drinks, ate dinner, and just watched some Gilmore Girls. Overall, I'd say today was a pretty low-key day. I found Dr. Pepper today... but no diet or diet caffeine free. Bummer, but still... the first DP I've seen since being in France! Tomorrow I have International Marketing from 9-12. Ugh I do not want to wake up early!! I am headed to bed very shortly. I don't think I have any plans for after class. I need to clean my room up a bit and take the trash out (I have yet to take it downstairs).

Goodnight all! Hopefully I will have more to report tomorrow!

Wait. Speaking of reports, I am in dire need of a subject for my first newspaper article! It is due Sunday, and I have no clue what to write about! I was thinking of just an intro as to who I am and where I am this semester. If anyone has ideas, please share!!


P.S. I will have my heater by next week apparently.

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