Monday, January 25, 2010


So I had my first class today!! Unfortunately, I missed it... however there is a very good reason!

Everyday when I go to school, I have to check the time table to see what room my class will be in. Well, it is REALLY confusing, and it said French 1 & 3... so naturally I thought that both groups were together. I knew this was weird because group 3 is the most advanced and 1 is the easiest. But I still didn't think anything of it. So... I went to the wrong classroom. I thought everything was too easy, but I didn't realize it until class was over. So... yeah. Missed my first class in France! Whoops! I promise I will definitely look at the time table more closely tomorrow to make sure I go to the correct classroom! I refuse to let this happen again! I spoke to the French teachers whose class I accidentally went to, and she is going to tell my real French teacher what happened, so everything is okay. :)

After class, Ashley and I went back to the insurance place, but the girl wasn't there again. The guy told us she is working tomorrow, so we will go back tomorrow... again. Then we went grocery shopping at carefour. It was HUGE... like walmart.... only bigger! I didn't know that was possible! Ashley and I cooked dinner, and it was yummy. I got some chocolate du pain (my favorite!) to have the next week everyday for breakfast. I can't wait to warm it up in the morning!

Agenda for tomorrow: wake up, go to insurance place, go to my appointment at the bank, class from 3-5, then who knows!

P.S. I still have no heater.

Love, Dena

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