Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome weekend

Yesterday and today was part of welcome weekend, put on by United Cultures, a club at ESSCA that helps the international students. It was so much fun! Yesterday we had this tracking game all around Angers, where we had to find our way around, and at each stop we had to complete a task. My team went so fast that we caught up with the team in front of us. Unfortunately they were really slow so we got stuck behind them and lost. Oh well, it was still fun! After that I went in the Castle of Angers, but I couldn't stay long because it was closing. After that we had dinner at a creperie and then went to a pub.

Today, we went all over France. First we went to a town about 45 minutes away (which I slept on the drive...) to visit a winery, Bouvet Ladubay. It was neat to see how they make wine. After that we drove for another 45 minutes to Amboise, where we ate lunch, saw the outside of a famous house and then took a tour of Amboise chateau royal. Leonardo DiVinci is buried in the chapel there! So, that was really neat. This castle is where the king and queen of France lived in the 15th and 16th century. It had such a great view from the top of the towers.

Attached are pictures of me at DiVinci's tomb and on top of one of the towers. After we left there, we just drove back home. I am SO tired. I had to wake up at about 7 this morning. So, I am getting ready to go to bed now.

Goodnight all!

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