Friday, January 15, 2010

Last Night in Rolla

Well, today was my last night in Rolla. :( It started off with some bad news. I woke up only to find out the restaurant we were going to for lunch was closed. Sad day! Oh well. I went to visit my grandma instead. Then I bought some used books for planes and trains (and automobiles haha) that I can just throw away after I read them. Then lunch at Panera. Then back to packing! Actually, I picked Cody up from work first. I got the rest of my things from Walmart. And then finished packing. There was a lot more left than I thought. But I think I've got it all done. Right now, I'm putting all my new music on my iPhone so I can have stuff to do on the plane and during the layovers tomorrow. I still need to pick out the DVDs that I want to take, though. I just remembered that! Shoot! Hopefully I can go to bed soon (and actually sleep). We're leaving Rolla at 7:30 in the morning, so I'm going to wake up early to get one last shower in. I'm going to miss my bed and shower so much! My parents, Cody, and I are meeting Stephanie and Tony at IHOP at 9:30. It's really close to the airport, so it'll be nice to get some time together to just talk.

14 hours till my plane leaves...


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  1. You will have a wonderful trip! What an opportunity to learn and see the world. Love you and will following your blog to see the world through your eyes. Love, MOM