Friday, January 15, 2010

More packing...

I have been so busy yesterday and today! I was so tired last night that I had to go to bed instead of sharing what I've been doing. Yesterday, I went to walmart and got most of the stuff I need. There are still 2 or 3 things I've discovered I needed so I'll go back tomorrow. Today, I woke up early to say bye to my grandma in Salem, went to lunch, and then let the packing begin! I took a break to have my last El Rodeo experience until I get back. It was fabulous. :) Marty and Larry met us there, so I could also say goodbye to them. After we got back, I really got to packing. I got most everything together. My mom put everything in those bags where you get all the air out with a vacuum. Now we just have to stuff them in the suitcases and get the little stuff done. I can hopefully get it all done early afternoon tomorrow so I can have a great last night in town!! Cody will be back in town tomorrow afternoon, so I'm looking forward to seeing him for a while, too. I'd much rather hang out with him and my family than worrying about getting all of my packing done.

38 hours till my plane leaves...


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