Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today was my first international marketing class. I think I am really going to enjoy it! Plus, he posts all the notes on ESSCAnet after class, so that we don't have to take any! I took some today just in case though. My professor is English, so some of the words on the power point were spelled funny. It was quite amusing. Also, instead of 'z' he would put an 's'. For example analyse. The three hour part is the only thing I'll have to conquer. Getting through that was a little difficult! After class (around 11:45), Ashley and I were just going to go home, but there wasn't another bus until 12:33, so we just got on the same bus going the opposite way and rode it all the way to the end and back. It was fun! Much better than standing in the cold, only to get on the same bus. So, that was interesting. We came across a great little park at the end of the route. After we finally made it home, it was pretty much a boring evening. Watched a couple of movies (while dozing off) and made some dinner. Now it's almost time for bed... which will be located in my own room. I'm kind of nervous! I really like the comfort of being in the same room as Ashley, but I know it'll be fine. I'm excited. Though my heater is fixed, it still feels a bit chilly in my room, but I'm sure that's just me. I'm always cold!

I apologize for no title... I couldn't think of one!

Nighty night!

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