Friday, January 22, 2010

Unproductive day

Hello all! Like the title says, today was very unproductive. We started off by going to the bank, but of course they were closed. So we went to this insurance place that we had to go to, and they were closed too. So we grabbed sandwiches, and then went back to the insurance place (they were on lunch break). The guy working didn't have any idea what was going on (I spoke French to him though and knew everything he was saying!!) and said that we had to come back on Monday. So after that we went back to the bank and they said we had to come back on Tuesday! So basically I got nothing done today. I came back to the apartment for about an hour, but then Ashley had class so I went to ESSCA with her. I basically just texted with my mom, dad, and Cody for 2 hours. Haha. It was some good time wasted. On the way back to the apartment, Ashley and I stopped at the grocery store to get dinner. I grabbed some French cookies and chips to try out. Now we are just having a lazy night at home after our exhausting unproductive day!

Hope everyone is having a great day! The picture is of the Castle of Angers. It was my second time seeing it (first time on foot). The first time I saw it was when we were in the van with the welcome team members from the train station.


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